Voice Search Optimization

From funny questions to finding the best resorts nearby or restaurants. People now utilize voice command more for significant information. If you want to locate or know more about something, then your digital voice assistant can you an audio generated answers in just a few seconds. Because of COVID19 Pandemic, voice search becomes an irreplaceable part and plays a significant role worldwide. However, can this technology helps business owners? The answer is YES!
Yes, absolutely. Voice search optimization makes things easier compared to desktop search or mobile search. This allows audience to search and get results in a more direct way. We can see that this artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly by becoming smarter everyday. See the benefits and tips when using voice search for your business. Learn how to make use of the strategy efficiently.


Voice search is an audio recognition technology where users uses it to find something through digital voice assistant. This year 2020, voice search assistant utilization reached up to 4.08 billion and is expected to double its figures in 2023 most likely due to the pandemic. An image shown from statista.com about the voice search assistant graph utilization.
When talking about voice search optimization, we are referring to keywords and relevant phrases that most likely be the voice search assistant will check and use it to display as results. To optimize voice search, content should be considered and the best information about your brand to increase the chances of ranking in voice search results.


1. Voice Search Is Smarter And Faster
Almost everybody has gadgets like mobile device and tabs that users engaged in voice assistant feature to help them when searching for something. Compared to the older version of voice search technology, the latest technology is smarter and better version to user and interact. Furthermore, the advancement of voice search appear to be more “real”. Imagine being quarantined in a room, aside from talking to your loved on, you have this technology that evolved like you are talking to a real person instead of a gadget.
Google voice assistants have been constantly developed and improved to give you the latest news, displays trending games and more that answers your questions. Funny thing it will still display even interesting questions like “finding your email” “jokes for the day”.
2. Very Accessible
The innovation of mobile devices: Huawei, Samsung, iPhones, and more allowed various business owners to come up with exceptional significant strategies. Business owners expect that their audience already owned a mobile device they use every day to check social media accounts, search for information, or work using their phones. A case study from Brightlocal, a graph shows that there are lots of consumers uses voice search in the last 12 months to locate places with great reviews and good rating businesses.
Our phones have enabled business owners to engage their customers wherever and whenever they may be. As long as there is access to the web. One tip is to restructure your content that focused on voice search optimization. This will give you a better visibility, profit and first page ranking.
3. More Convenient To Use
Time is Gold. Using voice search, you use your time and provide quick results making time as gold for businesses. We always understand consumers are very busy and looking to use an easy and fast solutions to get their needs. Data from perficient.com shows that internet users prefer voice search because it convenient to use, fast, doesn’t need a hand when typing and clear answers. A sophisticated tool to search for answers in just a couple of seconds.
4. More Personal Results
Data shown that when users engage with digital voice search assistance, users treat this technology as real people. As if they were talking to someone who knows as an an expert such asking how to boil an egg, or what is the best resort near you. By placing a name when using the voice search like “Siri” or “Alexa”, users feel like having a real conversation with a real person and even say Thank you for the results. This shows how personal it is to have a type of technology on their mobile phones. So, optimizing your content and ranking through voice search will appear natural to your prospects.


1. Optimized Google My Business Listings
The best way to be on top position in voice search is to get your Google my business listing verified and published. This will give your customers the information they will search in order to engage with your service or product. This will not just help your voice search optimization engagement but also help your local SEO rank.
2. Improve Readability Score
How? I used YOAST in my own site and my customers in order to improve the content readability. This can influence voice search ranking on mobile. Search engine crawlers prefer well-written piece of content that matches the user’s search term. According to SEMRush, a readability score of 8 and above affects voice search results ranking. Restructuring your content and making it simple and readable is one of most effective approach in getting better results in voice search.
3. Long Tail Keywords Efficiency
Comparing to short tail keywords, short tail keywords are more generic or broad. It is difficult to focus during a voice search optimization campaign. A long-tail keywords are more targeted, descriptive, and will lead to higher targeted driven traffic. Using long-tail keywords will create a more efficient marketing strategy that will profit from voice search optimization. Long-tail keywords will narrow down voice search engine results even desktop results while improving your semantic SEO ranking. In this way you can focus on your content optimization for a certain topic. Therefore, voice search will be able to provide results to search users not just the keywords but including the semantic relevancy.
4. AMP, Search Console And Website Mobile Compatibility
One factor I see that voice search optimization checks is that if your website has accelerate mobile pages implemented. You can see this in your search console coverage if there are issues related to AMP. SEMRush tool provides issues related to AMP check. Website today needs to innovate and improve its functionality. Site builders adjust the way mobile functionality requirement for every websites. This is one way crawlers will rank your website on mobile, thus includes voice search ranking. If you’re website will not load on mobile, you are missing a huge percentage of possible sales for your business.


Voice search will continue its significance today and for more years to come. The more population will increase, the busier we get – the more people will look for easier and faster way to search for what they need. That is why we need to consider and start building an efficient strategy for voice search optimization.
Our technology doesn’t stop and voice assistants become smarter and more efficient, once consumers will adapt them – this will definitely save valuable time for everyone. Adapting this marketing approach will help increase engagement, boost ROI, and definitely target your market in times that we don’t expect. So, if you need to learn or if you need help with voice search optimization for your business – Contact Me Today or get a free quick quote.