iWebhacks Marketing April SEO Spectrum

The world is slowly getting back to normal with the shutdown and pandemic ending. If you check the previous 30 days, the world of SEO is going back to normal as well. A lot of nice pieces have been published and we will mention some of the best in our April SEO spectrum which is different from our last SEO spectrum
First, we will start looking at how we can create a linkable assets, what we can learn about Google Passage Ranking and how starters can do link building. Let’s briefly cover some email outreach strategies.
Next, we will analyze some data that came up few months ago. Let us learn what the data shows and discover what is possibly extensive in today’s content marketing list.
Lastly, let’s find out some new discovery in the last 30 days. Does Google adding dozens of flavors in our SEO recipe? Are they pulling back on featured snippets and adding page experience or user experience? Let’s find out.

Creating Linkable Assets

A lot of great content that is being published about where to acquire good links. So, let’s create a guide on how to build the kind of content that attracts backlinks. 
We call this “linkable asset” which is from Authority Builders. It is very important to learn how to create linkable assets because out of all the blog post out there, there are only few who received a single backlink.
Think about how many wasted hours writing those content and did not receive any link juice from other authority website. Here are some examples of a success content published online:
– Complete research and study: complete research is really interesting for publishers. 
– Additional Features: it seems the latest content right now are integrating free tools and features. This can drive traffic and links.
– New Ideas: when you can manage to form a new concept that can described your business or industry, this will surely attract links from publishers. 
Creating fresh and great content can really pull off and eventually reward you with backlinks. Passage ranking has gone live, and the next spectrum will help how to make the most out of this Passage ranking.


16 Key Points You Should Know About Google Passage Ranking

Passage ranking is now Google’s new power to pull out and rank section of your website content instead of ranking the entire page.
The whole video chat can be visited through Search Engine Journal. It covers several advice that SEOs can use. Beginners can definitely benefit more from the conference and mostly our next spectrum about link building.

Link Building For Starters

Ahrefs’ Tim brings us a helpful guide that can be use by beginners and even those experienced as well. It is very beneficial for me knowing those basic of link building, including why link matters, assessing them and finding them, and most of building them. It also includes the best tools. 
This is very helpful because a lot of resources right now are outdated. However, this guid is updated and can give impact to your link building efforts. 
– the guide to submitting your site to directories.
– Blog commenting
– Guest post outreach
– Link resouce outreach
– Unlinked mentions
– PBNs
– Creating linkable assets 
– Content advertising
It is a great guide to send anyone within your circle. The next spectrum includes a novel on how to do an email outreach.


Email Outreach Your New Link Building Strategy

Shane Dayton of Niche Pursuits brings us a podcast with Jeff Oxford. In the podcast, Jeff covers some unique approach on attracting links from high authority websites. This includes:
– Repurpose an existing content instead of offering a guest post
– Creating an outreach list-based format
I found the first part very interesting. Offering to update an existing content instead of guest post outreach is very unique. 
He also covers how to gain backlinks by creating special list. You will gatther a list of blogs you want to get some links and then organize them base on industries. 
There’s a lot advice, however I will have to do some research and create a process for me on how to do this. We know that Jeff is an insightful guy who spent some time with the Chiang Mai SEO Community and he usually come up with great stuff. One thing is for sure, this great idea will need in-depth process to make it perfect.


A Semantic SEO Case Study Of Topical Authority

The semantic web refers to the way how information is organized on the web. It allows AI to read data using taxonomies and the nature of every subject.
A recent move by Google like BERT is focusing on a more effective semnatic search engine. I come across a study where he shows how to optimize a website without using the traditional SEO strategies:
– On-page SEO
– Pagespeed Improvement
– Branding
– Technical SEO
– Web Page layout and design
– Server Performance
Instead of using traditional strategies, I observed that he is using fresh steps:
– He creates a topical map before publishing his first article.
– Gather related ideas for topic within a content
– Create a Q & A for possible user intent searches
– Analyze content gap instead of keyword gap
– Stop caring about search volume and difficulty
– Focus on authority with historical data
I find these tips very practical to advanced users who have several years in doing SEO. Data could be game-changing for every SEO.
Let us point out several list of content marketing examples from Growth Badger.

The World’s Largest List Of Content Marketing

Kyle Byers of Growth Badger brings us a massive list of content marketing examples. This is very huge and a great resource to find sample of effective content fit for our campaigns. 
You don’t just get image examples from this list. Each entry includes a description of ideas how you could put something together and use them. 

The 12 New Types Of Manual Action Penalties From Google

Let us take a look on Matt Southern of SEJ’s 12 types of manual action penalties introduced by Google. All of them are responses to Google News violation and policies.
Websites may be penalized if you are doing these:
– Failure to provide clear dates and bylines in Google News
– Post adult content for Google Discover
– Misleading content through topic that are never covered for Google Discover
– Content that could harm people and animals
– Bullying, harassing or threatening content
– Manipulated videos, audio or images
– Medical advice
– Sexually explicit content
– Terroristic threats
– Violence
Unwarranted profanities
You can check this penalty information in your Google search console. You will also be guided on how to recover and submit reconsideration request.Google made additional changes from the list over the last few weeks. 

Featured Snippets May Not Display Often

News circulating in SEJ about significant declines of featured snippet appearance. Moz, SEMRush and RankRanger tracked a series of declines that started in 18th of February. Few days after, some tools showed that feature snippets are starting to display.
So far, Google did not released any information about the cause. It could be glitch but could be part of an experiment. So, there could be a possibility that there will be another shift waiting on the horizon.

SEO For April: What Is In It For Us?

We haven’t seen the end of SEO to date and it just gets juicier. In this April spectrum, SEO is getting more interesting and innovating. Everyday we learn adjustments, creativity, interaction and engagement. So, let us keep up with our SEO efforts.