Getting Discovered For Book Authors

Perhaps we started the year with the very best publication advertising and marketing objectives, and possibly several of our publication advertising efforts succeeded, while others dropped a little bit. Regardless of where where we are right now in the book advertising and marketing process, now is a good time to review our efforts and explore more on how well we can improve more our book marketing and self publishing process.
This will help us realign our self publishing objectives as well as moving the button to really drive more sales to our books. When we check out some of the top book marketing blogs most of them mention “book introduction” as a big issue. We have so much books, but not enough book discoveries. And seeing these books being published every day it seems that the problem is really true.
One example is running ads on social media or any paid listing and gets a lot of impressions. The question remains if we are getting the right traffic of book discovery. And that is where the largest problem book authors are facing. This is why I think it is the best time to encourage and push book authors to take a serious look on what you are currently so you can check if you are doing the right book marketing strategies base on your genre, target audience and as an author or brand.


The best approach for book authors that will really start kicking of the sales is: self publishing, functional website, and digital marketing. With all of this three roundup, it also needs the perfect rhythm. Perfect rhythm needs to be focused on your target audience.
The perfect rhythm is when you are running ads online and getting the right book discovery from audience that are looking for books at any ages. The kinds of incorrect book discovery mentioned above are those people seeing your ads that aren’t mostly likely to buy books.
However, an initial book marketing strategy is the best approach that needs the perfect rhythm for book authors. This starts within your area with the right word of mouth that significantly increases the attention towards your book and start selling.


Did you know that any product or service with the higher price, the more you’ll need to consider spending the best marketing approach in order to hit your goal. The same thing with books, authors should know this that the higher the price their books is, the more they’ll be spending to hit the right book discovery and find the correct readers.
This could be a disadvantage, say placing your book in a high price in order to bounce back what you’ve spent. However, this is the reality. Let’s say a book with a price of over $20 plus compared to $5 less. In order to get in front of your target market, you also need to spend a nearly ten times before you get your sale. There is nothing wrong about having a pricey book but as an author, we need to be prepared the amount it needs when doing a book promotion.


Book authors know this that sales also depends on how they present their book – clear title and subtitle are significant for any books. Book authors need to consider about their book cover, your book needs to have the best quality as possible.
Readers or book lovers usually buy in different categories depending on what they want. They always make instant decisions once they are at the book store and usually just use their intuition to assess whether they like the book’s title or the summary is clear or not.


Have you  signed up for an Amazon page?
If you haven’t you should, because it’s pretty effective being there. Amazon plays their role in pushing their member to notify things that needs to be noticed. You can create your book page however competition is really really high.
The reason is that you have to make certain that your Amazon page is tight and focused. Your book cover has to be outstanding, and also your book description needs to be engaging adequate to keep customers involved, instead of scrolling past it to visit some tempting deal. If you aren’t certain if your book page has limited points, ask yourself some hard questions. Beginning with one of the most essential one:
Who cares?
Who will appreciate your book based on the description?
This is what equates into book sales. So here are some things to look at:
Is there a blurb you can lead with in your publication summary? Bear in mind that people like what others like. Did you leave some space in between paragraphs to make your book content scannable? Your readers don’t just check out, they scan your book. It could lead to a big deal for the reader. Use brief paragraphs and bullet points. This helps your book breathable and simplified. Does your book description highlights the most interesting part, the key element of your book? If not, then you might consider a redo if you think your book description doesn’t capture your readers the first time.
Your book page requires to be crystal clear, tempting, as well as keeping customers from jumping off to another thing.


The usual mistake authors typically make is not knowing who they are writing for. We always writer what we have in mind as our initial guide to create a book but if we don’t know our specific market and satisfy their demands somehow we might also expect that there will be low to zero from our book sales either.
As an author, we need to become a public figure to engage our readers or viewers. In this way, we know what they do like and dislikes. The value of understanding your readers is vital to every book marketing approach and even during the testing process. One way to know about your readers is to check and read more within your category. Learning more from other book authors and get to know those top selling books within your market is the best thing to do in knowing your readers.
This will certainly help book authors explore more in their genre and further make use of this in getting their first book sale. Other ways are getting involved with other platforms and creating your profile or brand. Drive visitor profile from there and you will learn about your readers and market.


In general, running ads like Amazon ads, Facebooks ads or any paid ads are effective when managed properly the right way. However, this will really cost book authors a lot.
Getting a freelancer like me who provides it all is much preferred compared to getting an agency to do their digital marketing efforts. Significant points to consider is the availability where the freelancer is online most of the time for communication. The service is unlimited from self-publishing, website creation and digital marketing for the book product.
There are a lot of providers that offers reasonable price compared to a book self-publishing firm that usually just ripped off book authors today. So, beware and if you’re interested – contact me for your book marketing campaign today.