How To Drive Traffic To Your Youtube Video

When you are Vlogging or making videos for the first time is fairly easy but driving viewers to your video is difficult especially when you are doing it as a starter. There few tips to try to win some views for your video rather than wait for the right time:
Introduction: the best thing about Youtube is that there are too many people and businesses engaging Youtube and creating their channel. Their main website is also their Youtube channel. Youtube today is also the second largest search engine in the world. So, it is a great strategy for businesses engaging YouTube to get the traffic and views from people everyday.

1. Video SEO: One way to optimize your Youtube video is to have longer videos uploaded rather than shorter videos. YouTube values watch time over keywords and other SEO techniques.


2. Social Media Engagement: Posting your videos on Facebook is very tricky. Don’t just put your YouTube link otherwise Facebook will not let your post be seen. Instagram is also one of the best social media tool to promote your YouTube video and branding.

3. Reddit Has Done It: Reddit, is a private company based California. It has gone wild due to the amount of traffic that this website gets. Being on the front-page of Reddit, could drive an amount of traffic going to your Youtube video. Reddit is a place where internet users post all types of criteria – articles or videos, stories, businesses etc.

4. The Collaboration: Collaborate with other youtubers who have similar niche. If you have great and interesting content, famous youtubers might want to collaborate with you. Before connecting with them, make sure you add good comments on them and interact with them.
5. Commenting On Related Videos: commenting on other video opens a door of opportunities. Commenting will help other youtubers notice your profile, channel and videos. Their subscribers will also notice you and the more they want to collaborate, subscribe and watched your video.
6. More Quick Tips: Your thumbnail matters. An eye catching thumbnails is one factor to increase your video clicks and views. A good content will make your video go viral. Making more videos will help you be better as Youtuber. Put links to your other videos in your video description. Create your own website or blog.
So what you read above are just a transcript when you watched my Youtube video course, a little goes a long way. And these tips will work once done naturally. Just try them out and check how you drive more traffic to your YouTube videos and channel.