Most Common Types Of SEO Services For Small Businesses

Hiring an SEO agency can be quite daunting. They need to scan your website and find any problems before they can start making fixes and helping you rank in Google. If you need to make sure that your SEO service provider is aware of any little things in the industry. They may be describing problems that you haven’t heard of yet.

Before you engage a company for one of the 5 common SEO tasks, it’s important to educate yourself and choose carefully. Not all SEO companies are created equal and, as a small business, you can’t afford to make costly mistakes.


#1 – Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for any SEO campaign. Research which keywords are the most relevant to your industry and plan from there. Every page on your domain should target one or two unique keywords. This will give you more flexibility to rank for many different types of queries and make your site more comprehensive.

As a roofing company, it is necessary to carry out roof repairs and replacements while also undertaking periodic inspections. These are the areas you should be targeting your keywords within. Be mindful about choosing your words wisely. For example, is there a synonym to replace ‘repairing?’ This may be the equivalent of ‘fixing.’ Looking for adjectives and prefixes might help you find the best search terms, like “home roof repair,” “residential roof repair,” or even “metal roof repair.”


#2 – Page Creation

As an SEO consultant, I can do research for you until your search queries for a specific word or topic turns up zero results on the first page. If a page does not exist that is on-page with topics you want to rank for – it is highly unlikely that you will get organic traffic from those words. As a newbie SEO, it can be hard to know what to do. Sometimes I just remind myself with this simple mantra: “just put the keywords on the page.” In order to rank in Google and other search engines, you need to have the keywords you’re targeting on your domain. That’s why it’s so important to work with an SEO consultant or agency that can help produce new pages that target those terms.


#3 – Page Optimization

As we’ve already seen, there are plenty of things you might want to consider when creating a website for your business. In this particular case, you should optimize for search engines. It’s clear that search engines just aren’t up to the task, and need a little help. The more complex the subject, the more assistance is needed. A reliable SEO agency will be able to make updates to your content and technical implementations. These adjustments will help Google understand what your page is about as well as visitors who may not speak the same language.

These SEO services are perfect for small businesses with limited resources. You’ll find that they’re cheaper than starting from scratch and will charge rates on a per-page or per-hour basis. The ROI tends to be good on page optimization as well. Many times, a page only needs minor adjustments to rank higher at search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.


#4 – Link Building

It’s not always enough to just get those keywords in the copy and on the page. After all, there are probably hundreds or thousands of other pages out there which also have these same words. So how does Google know which one is the best? The ranking is determined by the number and quality of links pointing to the page. They calculate this in two different ways: through internal links from other pages on your domain or external links coming from other domains.

Link building is what SEO is all about. Your SEO service provider needs to focus more on link-building than producing content if they want to increase their links. Remember: you need a lot of quality, editorial links in order to get an SEO boost. Quantity is not the only good indicator of a quality backlink. For example, a high quality link is one that comes from a relevant page containing shared subject matter. A high quality link also might come from a page that itself comes from external links and has high levels of internal links.

When your SEO agency talks about link building for your company’s site, make sure they focus on quality links. They should be manually built and include attention to detail in order to achieve the best results. Quality links from other sites will help you rank better on search engines, resulting in more traffic for your site.


#5 – Technical Audit

Google has a lot of helpful tools that are free and great for SEO, but the process of SEO requires a certain level of knowledge. You can semantically optimize your website to rank higher in search engines. If you’re looking for a good SEO service provider, be sure to hire one who is punctual with these best practices, has all the necessary software and experts. A technical audit will vary in size and cost, so make sure you know what your needs are.


You may only need basic SEO for most brochure sites, as compared to dynamic sites which may need significantly more complex SEO. For example, an e-commerce store would require the most tech savvy SEO due to its complex navigation and large number of pages. If your news site has a lot of content, you might need more technical optimization because you have a large number of pages, categories, tags and content types. By doing so, you may be able to load your pages faster to improve the user experience. There are many more expensive services available to small business owners than just a technical SEO audit. However, this is something you won’t need to pay for every month thanks to the expertise and time it requires from the auditor.


Getting an SEO company to assess your domain is a good idea and could be crucial in determining how successful your business will be. The search engine ranks might not seem like rocket science but can have a huge impact on the traffic you get. Despite its importance, it combines many complex aspects that most small businesses lack the time and knowledge to master.


Studying this guide will help you stay on top of SEO trends and prevent you from being taken advantage of. Find SEO assistance here at iWebhacks, send me a message an SEO quotation and proposal today.