As a dedicated SEO specialist for chiropractors, my mission is to optimize a business online presence to attract new patients for a chiropractor and of this is a Chiropractor from Chicago – the Chicago Chiropractic Center. I leverage a variety of strategies to boost their search engine ranking, including on-page and off-page optimization. By incorporating relevant metadata, tailoring page content, and curating high-quality backlinks, I ensure that the website communicates effectively with search engines through regular audit and fixing issues coming from their Google search console.

Understanding the local market, I also focus on local SEO, using tools like Google My Business to manage their practice’s visibility on search engines and engaging with the local customer base. Constantly placing a weekly Google post base from their services and daily blog.

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Beyond SEO, I also expand their reach through strategic use of Facebook page management, optimizing their business page, and running diverse ad campaigns to engage their target audience. My work is driven by the goal of increasing their patient base, enhancing their online reputation about their service, and ultimately, growing their chiropractic practice in Chicago.